We will assist with your temporary and permanent staffing needs by providing the following:

  • Advertising, Recruiting, and Interviewing
  • Clerical and Light Industrial Testing
  • Screening and Reference Checks
  • Maintaining Personnel and Payroll Records
  • Safety and OSHA Training (per company request)
  • Drug Testing (per company request)
  • MVR Reports (per company request)
  • Background Checks (per company request)
  • Deducts all State, and Federal Taxes
  • Provides Workman’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance
  • Frequent service calls and checks of employees
  • Provides Replacement Employees as needed
  • Employee Discipline and Training
  • Reduce Overtime

The Bill Rate is based on the employee’s hourly rate and the workman’s compensation classification code.

There is No Risk to You!

First 4 Hours FREE if Employee is Mismatched. We guarantee employee work performance. If you are dissatisfied with their skills or work behavior for any reason, we ask that you notify us within the first four hours of the assignment, dismiss the employee for the day and you will not be charged.