WorkLink Staffing Will Provide Pre-Employment Background Check Per Company Request

WorkLink Staffing does not require an employee to pass a background Check to work for us. If your company or the specific assignment requires a background check, we can provide that service for you.

What Is Our Process?

WorkLink Staffing is partnered with Asurint to run National Criminal Information Bureau (NCIB) background checks. This screening provides up of criminal public record data from counties and courts across the county in accordance to the laws and regulations of any local, state or federal record.

If you would prefer a background check, WorkLink Staffing would run the Check as part of the onboarding process. The results would be delivered in a few minutes up to a 3-5 days depending on the results. The report summary is provided to us and the employee in accordance to federal and state law.

Why Go Through Us?

Background checks deal with sensitive information and must be conducted and communicated in the proper manner. WorkLink Staffing trains employees and partners with a reputable source to assure that the background check is conducted in a professional and legal manner to assure your company the information needed to conduct a safe and effective decision.