Whether you are looking for a Temporary Placement or a Full-Time Employee,

WorkLink Staffing can help!

Temporary Placement

WorkLink Staffing will help you fill in for an employee absence or hire for a last minute project. As a client, our comprehensive database of ready to work employees will be yours to access. We only ask for a minimum of 4 hours for the employee assignment. You can call the office 24/7 and a staff member will assist you with your temporary needs. Let us set up a meeting with you to forecast your workforce necessities based on circumstances such as vacation, work peaks, and seasonal fluctuations.

Permanent Placement

Let the professionals at WorkLink Staffing help you hire your next full-time employee. We will recruit, screen and select employees for any position you need.  We do all the work and take on all recruitment costs. You can either directly hire an employee and pay one fee or just have them work through us for the first 90 working days and/or 720 hours and then directly hire them with no additional fees.  This gives you time to evaluate the employee before you commit to hiring them.

There is No Risk to You!

First 4 Hours FREE if Employee is Mismatched. We guarantee employee work performance. If you are dissatisfied with their skills or work behavior for any reason, we ask that you notify us within the first four hours of the assignment, dismiss the employee for the day and you will not be charged.

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